Rap beats and instrumentals that will get you signed!

January 7, 2011


Why investing into good rap beats are instrumentals for your music projects are so important! Are you still dreaming or hoping you get signed to a record deal? Are you tired of seeing artist get signed who are not even as half as talented as you are? Are you getting frustrated of wondering was your song good enough? Or even the worst case, have you even thought about giving up and stop trying because you haven’t got signed yet by a record company. Speaking from experience I have been there before myself, but I realized that I had to do something about it.

 I had to realize that I had to be true to myself and educate myself about the music industry. Most artist don’t know this or can I say for the some who do are in denial about their songs. They feel that the reason they haven’t got signed is because they haven’t met the right person to connect with in the music industry. Well that could be true to but it always starts with know or realizing if your songs are hot enough. Remember this “golden rule” and that is, good product can’t never be denied.

So what I’m saying is that if your songs are hot enough and you get the opportunity to expose to the right person at any giving time. Then I guess you will have a chance of getting signed to a deal. The old saying goes that “When preparation meets opportunity then that equals success”. So let me be the first to say that, a good song has to start first with a good producer who produces hot beats. I suggest starting here at beats by vsmoove for now. Yes I know you might say that your song is really hot and in the music industry it’s all about who you know. Yes that is true as well but you really need to realize that you are in competition with millions of other artist with hot radio ready songs.

 So you need to make sure that your songs can be compared to the best. I can definitely say that I have seen it a million times everyday that artist get discourage and give up on their dreams of making it in this music industry. You have to be true to yourself and say are my songs really hot enough, and face the fact that you might need to step it up a bit and invest into some hot beats. So why not take the first step and make sure you have a hot producer who can supply you with beats that will get you signed. I always say behind every successful artist, that had to have a hot producer that made hot beats. So stop being skeptical and put some value towards your career and invest in some hot beats that will get you signed. So rap beats and instrumentals are very wise to invest in, so stop holding back your music career and push forward.


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